coaching the school football team in Queensland

Early in my years as a teacher in high school football coach in Australia, I wanted to training after school at least once a week. In later years, it became untenable as the guys started to work after school, and I had to get a bus home. So it would be an official training session a week at lunchtime. It begins with a warm-up. Then they would work with some skill lattice work with them later in my career. Then we would bounce or kick out practicing quarterback in the middle of the base game time. We finished off with a short game. It may be forward-facing site or a half-keepings-off handball game practice is often based on the mistakes the team made in their last game.

Then, on the other days of the week, the boys were allowed to borrow balls to "kick kick" in the oval. As often as possible, so I would be in the Oval boys advice on how to improve the kicking and marking skills.

On Wednesday, a sports day, I'll see you in the morning tea to check the involvement of players in the school. It gives a brief overview of the game and announce the teams.

One of the tasks was to play each day was the arbiter school games primarily in previous years. This happened because the teacher is often responsible for the other team did not play the game or lacked the expertise to do it. This meant that there was a downside to the coaching sense, because I had to change "on the run." So if possible I coach both teams competing in a general sense, what to do in the local competition. Umpiring game is not caught loosen the opportunity to close the game and the skills of my players made mistakes.

Most local school game and competition organized outside school hours racing game lasts a relatively short period of time. So always adopted a simple game plan. It was to move the ball a long and fast.

I have always been the best player on the ball, or in the middle, that is, where the ball most of the time. This allowed them to others in the game and increase the success of the team.

The watching the game, I seldom the opposition players. We concentrate on our own players look for ways to improve their performance and enjoyment of the game. After all, it was my job as a teacher.

Finally, I have always organized a staff versus students & # 39; The difference in the match. It's against the girls & # 39; team. Teachers & # 39; team both male and female teachers. Girls & # 39; team also joined some of the leading football players, dressed girls & # 39; Uniforms in the second half. I have always been in the back row as I usually only one teacher of football experience. With more and more students and staff than viewers.

Source by Richard D Boyce

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