Manly and cowardly Sports – Activities Real Men Enjoy

There has to be a rock or a stick throwing bones in a cave next to competitors that launched the intrusion rules of sport and sporting Ancient Man. And people are already working on how they Alpha male physical, mental or combined discipline ever since.

Sports and games are usually one goal – to declare a winner, and let the participants defend their title. Regardless of whether it involves individual or team competition, the winner will be declared at last. One of the world & # 39; s most popular ball sport in which relationships are quite common, soccer / futbol finally crowned a winner – even if it requires such a barbaric spreading the so-called & # 39; Shoot & # 39;.

So, what manly sport and which ones are way in the opposite direction? If we consider the entire spectrum of the sports world, and Tiddlywinks Pigeon Racing to be the upscale Wimpy Scale. For some reason, the thought of the big five Gatorade Team has more than successfully defended his World Championship Racing Pigeon is not only my pulse up. But watch Real Dude doing some super-physical, such as sky surfing, moto-cross race or wingsuit flying gets the blood pumping in most of the Manly Men (literally) a heartbeat.

So as part of this extensive scientific research Manly musing, I decided to ask the 13-year-old son that he thought they were manly sport, and which are not. We agreed Rugby Football and boxing pretty much immediately. Then the Man-Boy asked, "What would dad cheer leader?" At this point, I took the opportunity to remind him a few basic principles Manly – Real Men are attracted to women and men in general, such as Real do things that gets sweaty, which may lead to staying in shape. Then let me answer your own question. You guessed it, it concluded that the boys cheerleading is considered Manly – and a lot of dimensions.

This is the precious moment Mentoring Man Cave almost brought a tear to my eye, but soon shook off a coward emotional reaction. Instead, the wise thinking congratulated him and gave him a high five.

By all accounts, helping to hone my son manly instincts and defines masculinity in the modern cheerleading as a result of their own was the real argument is a real man. And it's certainly better than dubbed Neanderthal and smacking him upside the head with a stone, bone or stick.

Hey – I think I have another idea … ManSport

Source by David R Fuller

Building and Managing a High School football program

The following interview with Coach Bill Bratton, who was a football coach Cross Keys High School in Atlanta, Georgia 1989-1990 school year. I asked for an interview to share his thoughts on football. He also participated in football for over 25 years so I wanted to pick his brain on the subject.


Hello Coach, you have been coaching high school football for over 25 years. How did you first participate in the sport?

Coach Bill Bratton

Stafford Hi and thank you. Well I started coaching football in 1982 Sequoyah taught in DeKalb County High freshman year. The former coach is gone, and the school had someone coach. The principal offered me the chance to take over the program.


How was that experience for you, and how to prepare for the new role as the High School football coach?

Coach Bill Bratton

I admit I have never played or coached soccer before. In the off season I spent my time reading books and learning and going to the clinics. They also admit that the players knew more about the skills, formations and how much to play the game like me, but it was the coaching organization that lets you play a team together as a team was my strength. I really enjoyed coaching football, you've mastered the skills needed to be.


How long and how did coach Sequoia Cross Keys?

Coach Bill Bratton

I coached Sequoia 4 years ago DeKalb began a consolidation program, and at Cross Keys in 1986, had the privilege of coaching the Keys program the next 20 years. Georgia gained Class D coaching license and a Class C level in the USSF National Coaching license. The Cross Keys situation was like Sequoyah, the need for a new football coach and the AP will be offered the position of chief.


What was the situation in Cross Keys, and what it takes to build a program?

Coach Bill Bratton

It took hard work and discipline to build the program. The work of involved rebuilding program. He lost his organization, discipline, blindly, and the program was not winning, just 2 years 3rd place in the state. I needed discipline into the program and teach players what playing on a school team is competitive, and it was necessary to win. This development was that many years to complete.

tells me the players' Coach we just want to play. " Cross Keys is a very temporary school. It is a constant rebuilding progress each year. There was no understanding of playing like a team that had to come to practice, to commit and had to play to be successful as a team. As they look back took 2-3 years to get through. Once we have reached the point of returning players consistently I began instilling in the players that we played to win. They played in a competitive environment. If she were just playing rec teams, club teams and other leagues they were able to go out and "just playing."

There were teams that we could beat just based on talent and skills alone so we had to start winning these games. Slowly, players started to understand, but he was not aware of what is playing to a state championship "was or meant. But we started to win games should be measured, and it was time to go to the next level, winning games that 50- 50th floor again, it was only developed in 3-4 years. I had constantly preached the team, we reach out. we wanted to win games and improve. After getting the points win 50-50 games we need to win games that we were not is expected to win. our goal has been to the area playoffs to go to the state playoffs. the last step was to beat teams no one expected us. always had the belief that we had the ability and the skills to play with anybody and beat anybody . on any given day in the last five years, the Keys were the two teams to reach the second round (sweet 16) at the level of the state playoffs


awesome! I see a pattern here, and valuable lessons. An opportunity was presented; Instead, turn it off because I had no previous experience in football at that time, it made the effort to learn about the subject to "preparing and reading learning books and go to the clinics' time, etc. mentioned his work and discipline, and finally, He mastered the knowledge that was needed to coach high school football, which I saw when the old high school merged with Cross Keys and I ended up playing for you to graduate. It seemed that I had a passion for soccer and knowledge of the game and know-how to get the players excited about the game and the team unity. But all that takes place in their own hard work and effort you through. How important is the "discipline" of the aspiring football players and anyone in general?

Coach Bill Bratton

Let me start out that I believe that discipline is an important feature for anyone to have. In order for the individual or team goals one needs self-discipline. Discipline can sense a wide variety of each person. This can be a commitment to participate in practices that go beyond what is called for is one to do to prepare. Discipline comes from, which is derived from the objectives and the achievement of the targets to be disciplined. Some say that the team discipline. A team can not be a leader who must lead and lead by setting the discipline that we expect the rest of us. The others are willing to accept the standards and work together to achieve the benefit of the whole and not the individual. If team discipline many other honors coming your way.

For many years, I would tell the coach the teams goals, a goal that we will achieve, and that to reach these ideals should all be on the same page. After a few years we should have the players who would be the season's progress would not agree to the discipline, and feel that things were unfair. They call into question the purpose of the lineup and the style of play, or the other team discipline. Of course, I would try to talk to them, explain what is happening and why, listen to their side of the picture. I've always had an open door if a player wanted to talk or discuss issues, but not the public or practice or during a game. I remember a case where five players who took up the game and did not agree with my decision to leave the team bench and set the stands. These players are removed from the team immediately after the game. A year later, another team of players felt the band played and the players in that position was wrong. This time, I gave the team a chance to play the players and the band felt we need to be playing. He said that is a party to show me that I'm wrong, and if that does not work, you will be my way, and there will be more discussion and if you do not agree with the decisions that we have a decision that can only be, that. Now, the team & # 39; and as such did not work half-time I told the team you have the opportunity, I will be in my way.

Always in my 26 years of coaching each team was told that the coach (perhaps recall this) … I do not care who you are, I do not care how good (even if the best player), or who knows … If you have to be disciplined disciplined. No matter how much it might hurt the team, you know the rules and know when to break the rules will be disciplined and I will discipline you.


Thank you, coach. There were an experience Club football (soccer outside the school system)? We thought the Club football and its impact on the High School Football? For example, a player who plays high school football teams to be playing in the spring club that trains the summer, fall and winter!

Coach Bill Bratton

Coaching Club My experience has been limited to one year as the coach of a U-14 boys & # 39; Roswell league club team Santos. We won the fall and spring season championship. A few years later I worked Concorde soccer coaching the U-12 boys team for one year.

If a player is looking to see and dream of playing college level, the club system is the way to go. But keep in mind that this elite level players. If you are good enough you have a program that they can go through to achieve a higher level of play, if you have talent. First, you must select the top-level team to try to select the state teams to reach the regional recognition, etc. In summer, participate in a quality football camps to improve their skills and see the college coaches. In high school, some club coaches to look down to the high school programs and encourage players not to play with the lack of quality coaching school teams, injured, not the talent, and the low level of the game in many schools.

I encourage players to find teams to play in the club in the off season like this can only help to better. The autumn when a team is not playing, we recommend players to practice cross-country to start developing your endurance and, if possible, to go out of wrestling in the winter. Some of the club's players to come into the High School level, and says that the situation can only play midfield or wing. I try to teach the players that played in center midfield though their club teams they are a good fit in the middle school team. Players must keep an open mind and is willing to play in a position to give you the team they have the opportunity to compete and win.


Thank you, coach! With the club having coached for several years, I can relate to "some club coaches to look down on the high school program and encourage players not to play with the lack of school teams quality coaching, injured, missing the talent level to play in many schools." Not that I ever He made that statement. However, this statement may have been valid in the past, but do you see this changing new generation of teachers to coaching high school and middle school currently is actually a former football players who are also teachers, but would like to use the high school experience as a career in some form College / Professional Coaching? This may be the case in some private schools.

Coach Bill Bratton

Yes, I can see this getting better. Coaching showed significant improvements in secondary school level coaches & # 39; and knowledge of the game. High school teams now as a community club teams hire coaches to help coach the team now and pay dues. These individuals must take the required courses in the state will coach the community and follow the rules of the school, county and state as coach. So high school coaches who might not have the skills and ability to find someone who was willing to coach teach / work coaching the players skills or work on the strategic and tactical aspects of the game. This is what many club teams now. There is a man running in the running, but they pay hundreds of dollars a month for a named / quality individual who is a former player, etc., to do the actual coaching.


**** Coach Bratton retired in 2006, but wanted to return to coaching and took over the college boys after 7 years position in the Fulton County High School (Georgia), as a community coach. was great to talk to him again for so many years. ****

Source by Stafford S Zeon

Player Football & # 39; s position

If we talk about football, I think most of us want to be a striker or forward player, you & # 39; and because we believe that the striker in the best position in the game, and the others only support the strikers. And I also think that the striker is a hero team because his test scores and eventually win the game. the common people would sometimes say to win just because of the Forward players or strikers. But in fact, the assumption is wrong, because the main thing that is important for the football game is a team effort. All players must be on the basis of discipline and duty positions in the game. Without it, the game will be bad, and the team did not win the game.

The football game, basically we know about players in four positions; Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), midfielder (MF) and forwards or strikers (FW). In every situation, these are the main tasks of the game. So what's really the characteristics of each of them? Okay, I & # 39; and check it out.

in the first place is a keeper. Goalkeeper is a position that is a main task is to protect the goal post's ability. This position is the actual position of the rear of the others. So after just under the target and block the ball that is the goal. Typical is the case of the goalkeeper to touch the ball in his hands.

The second area we call a guard or as a back button. Someone in this position is the main task is to protect the area's ability. The situation is well in front of the keeper. In general, the game is divided into two parts protection; Centre Back (CB) Side and Back (SB). Center back to the player who is in the middle of a conservation area and in front of the keeper. This kind of situation holds the greatest responsibility for the team after the goalie. Then the Back Side of the player who plays on the side of the defense area. Sometimes this kind of situation useful when attacking.

The following position Midfielder. I think this is the most flexible position in the match. Because someone in this situation can do everything, both offensive and defensive. The midfielders playing in the middle of the track. And also midfielder is a position that is very important for the team. Because they know that the guard is connected to the forward players. This means that the midfield Gamemasters in the game. In fact, the real game, the midfielder is divided into 4 position; Center Midfielder (CMF), Defending midfielder (DMF), attacking midfielder (AMF) and Side Midfielder. CMF is trying to be given to others to play nicely teammate. While DMF help more prone to protecting the defense. This means that this type of defensive player. Then an AMF contrary DMF. This means that it is more offensive players. And the last SMF, this player is both defensive and offensive side of the field. This type of player is usually called as a winger.

The fourth position Striker football game or a player Forward. The player's main task, under the leadership of the ball after scores a goal. In this situation, the player needs a good instinct and can make a good placement. Striker and should be able to maximize the chance of a point, because the real game, the striker still retains an opposing player.

If you know the characteristics of football players, it can be concluded that any situation is their responsibility and role to play football. This means that the striker not to know that the team without a win support for their teammate. Also on the team did not win the game without the participation of strikers. So we can say that all types of important position in the game, and each one is not alone, it means that the most important thing is teamwork. Without that I think it is difficult to achieve victory.

Source by Abdi Muflih Dzaky

How do I tell you to continue doing something in Spanish

In this Spanish lesson, I will show you how to say "continues to be doing something" in Spanish or how to say "that there is always something "Spanish. You can use the verb "seguir" progressive construction to say "still doing something" or "to keep doing something"

Por ejemplo (for example) …

Sigues comiendo Cordero?
Do you keep eating lamb?

Sí, Sigo comiendo Cordero.
Yes, keep eating lamb.

El Ladron la gente sigue raponeando.
holds the thief pickpocketing people.

El jugador de Fútbol sigue sudando.
A footballer holding sweating.

Ellas sigue en una mochila cargando sus libros.
They keep books was carrying a backpack.

Seguimos agarrando la pelota.
he caught the ball.

La Arana atrapando sigue las Moscas.
keeps the spider to trap the flies.

La Batida sigue regándose.
keeps pouring in the milk shake.

Note that any of the many Spanish-speaking world, "gente" he says, "by Batida"
de Colombia "gente" say "la Batida."

Una Hebron (de hilo) sigue but we Hanging Gorro.
The continuous piece of thread hanging from the cap.

Note that in many cases the Spanish-speaking world, "gente" say "la Gorra" a "cap", but in Colombia the "gente" use "in Gorro" a "cap".

"La Gorra" exists in terms of Colombia but "Gorra" a thick hat that can be made "Lana" (Wool) or "Algodon" (Cotton), or another material that is warm enough to protect the cold one.

This concludes today & # 39; and Spanish grammar lesson.

Source by Pat Jackson