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If we talk about football, I think most of us want to be a striker or forward player, you & # 39; and because we believe that the striker in the best position in the game, and the others only support the strikers. And I also think that the striker is a hero team because his test scores and eventually win the game. the common people would sometimes say to win just because of the Forward players or strikers. But in fact, the assumption is wrong, because the main thing that is important for the football game is a team effort. All players must be on the basis of discipline and duty positions in the game. Without it, the game will be bad, and the team did not win the game.

The football game, basically we know about players in four positions; Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), midfielder (MF) and forwards or strikers (FW). In every situation, these are the main tasks of the game. So what's really the characteristics of each of them? Okay, I & # 39; and check it out.

in the first place is a keeper. Goalkeeper is a position that is a main task is to protect the goal post's ability. This position is the actual position of the rear of the others. So after just under the target and block the ball that is the goal. Typical is the case of the goalkeeper to touch the ball in his hands.

The second area we call a guard or as a back button. Someone in this position is the main task is to protect the area's ability. The situation is well in front of the keeper. In general, the game is divided into two parts protection; Centre Back (CB) Side and Back (SB). Center back to the player who is in the middle of a conservation area and in front of the keeper. This kind of situation holds the greatest responsibility for the team after the goalie. Then the Back Side of the player who plays on the side of the defense area. Sometimes this kind of situation useful when attacking.

The following position Midfielder. I think this is the most flexible position in the match. Because someone in this situation can do everything, both offensive and defensive. The midfielders playing in the middle of the track. And also midfielder is a position that is very important for the team. Because they know that the guard is connected to the forward players. This means that the midfield Gamemasters in the game. In fact, the real game, the midfielder is divided into 4 position; Center Midfielder (CMF), Defending midfielder (DMF), attacking midfielder (AMF) and Side Midfielder. CMF is trying to be given to others to play nicely teammate. While DMF help more prone to protecting the defense. This means that this type of defensive player. Then an AMF contrary DMF. This means that it is more offensive players. And the last SMF, this player is both defensive and offensive side of the field. This type of player is usually called as a winger.

The fourth position Striker football game or a player Forward. The player's main task, under the leadership of the ball after scores a goal. In this situation, the player needs a good instinct and can make a good placement. Striker and should be able to maximize the chance of a point, because the real game, the striker still retains an opposing player.

If you know the characteristics of football players, it can be concluded that any situation is their responsibility and role to play football. This means that the striker not to know that the team without a win support for their teammate. Also on the team did not win the game without the participation of strikers. So we can say that all types of important position in the game, and each one is not alone, it means that the most important thing is teamwork. Without that I think it is difficult to achieve victory.

Source by Abdi Muflih Dzaky

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