Offensive game of football

When attacking football is important not to be too many players leave the field goal opened up the opposition. When the attacker is best to not more than five attacking players such as five players back to defend the goal.

under various types of attacking soccer game has several advantages, but all are designed to result in the achievement of the goal.

Types of offensive play football


Counter attacking game can be availed when the defensive team. When the defending team be sure to advance to the players around the halfway line, so when you finally get the ball, it is possible that a through-ball and a counter-attack. It's offensive game is very useful when protecting the corner.

Long Ball Play

The long-ball style of play can be useful if there are no on-the- floor options a player uses. The long ball game employed as a gaming method of attack, but it has its advantages, if done properly. Hitting the ball in the field of defense or midfield in the hope that it will be or is connected to a hopeful pass or take advantage of any mistakes by the defenders of the strikers.

Wide Wing Play

The wings of a football field can be used to expand the opportunity for the team to attack their protest. By taking the ball wide we will get a different view angle and offers many opportunities for extremes, which can make the full-back, center-back position and pull, cut inside and drive a cross angle or supply the strikers to attack.

Set plays

Set plays very useful for teams that lose as a way of team the opportunity to overload the oppositions half, and attack the goal. Teams that lose the game you want to take advantage of all types of set plays like free kicks, throw-ins and corner kicks, hopefully, take a break from the goal.
Set plays like free kicks often performed expertly in the top Premier League teams like Arsenal Football Club.

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